Selling your collection

Are you interested in selling part or all of your stamp collection?

We offer two ways to do that.
By auctioning them through our large-scale, international auctions or outright cash purchase

Please contact us via e-mail or phone  (+49/(0)228 - 26 31 30, for additional phone numbers please look below) and give us a brief description of what you want to send. 

We give you our expert advice and determine the expected proceeds of your goods with you. That can usually take place at your preferred location. The moment the consignment is handed over, it is insured against every imaginable risk.


The ideal way: Your items are processed in a professional manner and divided into auction lots in order to obtain the best price.This can take place with your input/approval. The goods will then be presented to an international audience in our catalogs. Our large and affluent clientele ensures the optimum proceeds. You benefit from all bid increases in bidding battles, for you only pay a 15 % commission on the proceeds.

Outright cash purchase 

We are also happy to make a cash offer at your request.
The advantages: You receive the payment directly, there is no waiting for the auction results calculation and the proceeds are also independent of the situation in the auction room. On the other hand, the proceeds from an outright sale are distinctly lower than the proceeds to be realized through an auction  

Further information:



Central office in Bonn:
Tel. +49 - (0)228 - 263 130,
Fax +49 - (0)228 - 213 381

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Tel. +49 - (0)4441 - 885 91 99
(Area Bremen/Osnabrück)

Neumünster-office: Tel. +49 - (0)4321 - 539 91 97
(Area Hamburg / Kiel)

updated: 22.07.2013