Conditions of sale

According to the conditions approved by the German Bundeskartellamt -
Recommendations of the Bundesverband Deutscher Briefmarkenversteigerer e.V., Wiesbaden


The auction is effected voluntarily and carried out in the name of the auctioneer and on the account of third-parties.


The auctioneer reserves the right to combine or separate lots listed in the catalogue, to change the order of the lot numbers or to withdraw any lot from the auction.


The lots to be sold at auction may be examined and checked before the auction. The descriptions in the catalogue are made to the best of the auctioneer’s knowledge and belief, are, however, not guaranteed. The auctioneer is not liable for any mistakes. He commits himself, however, to transmitting complains to the customer if such claims are filed within a period of 14 days after the auction. The auctioneer may extend this time limit under special circumstances. In the case of a justified claim, the auctioneer will refund the purchase price only and not further charges. Faults visible on images on the catalogue may not be subject to such claims.


The lot is knocked down when no higher bid follows after the last bid has been called three times. The auctioneer reserves the right to reject the bid or accept it with reservations. He may cancel the bid knocked down if the highest bidder does not want his bid to be valid, or if otherwise a dispute concerning the bid knocked down arrises.


The knocking down transfers the risk of possible losses, damages or mistakes to the purchaser. The items become the property of the purchaser after payment is complete.


The knocking down binds the bidder to take and pay for the lot(s). Should the purchaser desire forwarding of the lot(s) purchased in the auction, it will be effected at his expense and risk. The bidder is bound to his bid for the period of up to four weeks. If bidding is made by phone or writing, lots will be dispatched to the bidder at his cost and his risk, if not a different agreement is made.


The purchaser shall pay an additional 18 % commission over and above the sale price plus a 1,60 € surcharge per lot. 7 % value added tax will be charged at commission, lot fee and all other costs. Value added tax will not be charged if the lots where dispatched by us to a country outside the EC or if the purchaser is a dealer within the EC and the VAT-No. is given to us before the bidding.


Purchase price and commissions are payable at once by floor bidders. External bidders must pay the auction bill on receipt. The bidder for a third-party will be held liable as a primary obligor along with the third-party. The purchaser has the right to receive the lots just after payment is made.


Any amounts not received by the auctioneer within 15 days after the auction or receipt of the auction bill, will incur 1% interest for every new month. If the purchaser refuses to pay the lot(s) or if any payment is not settled within a fixed time period, the auctioneer may demand the non-performance.


The bidder agrees for lots with NS-Signs, not to use them in any way for propagandistic purposes ($ 86 StGB).


These conditions are valid for the sale after the auction. The §312d BGB will not be used.


Bonn will be named as the court of jurisdiction. The contract of auction is subject to German law only.


In the case that any of the above stipulations become void in part or in whole, all other stipulations remain valid.

updated: 15.05.2009